Phoenix Jackson – The Consigliere

Hello, I am Phoenix Jackson
I am here to pour into you... Let's fly!!
About me

A Spirit helping other Spirits evolve,

expand, and heal through my books, private spiritual readings, life guidance, and entrepreneurial endeavors. 


I am here to pour into you.

Fly with Phoenix and all that I share are for those who are ready to evolve to the next level of themselves. What do you need on your personal journey RIGHT NOW?


Life is moving so fast and sometimes we need a little help with our aim, direction, and results.

Personalized Meditation

A personalized meditation can help alter your healing around any issue.

Tarot & Clairsentient Spiritual Reading

Through tarot, clairvoyancy, and active listening, I can give you answers that will help you move forward in life.

1 on 1 Business/Brand Consulting

For those who are stuck and need direction in business, this is the option for you!

Speaking is my super power

Life is in the power of the tongue...

We as humans learn best through experience but we also gain awareness through listening. I speak to inform. I teach with words. Check out a few of my topics below:

The Power of Impact Entrepreneurship in Local and Global Markets
5 Keys to Personal Branding
Embracing Stillness in a Time of Broken Distractions
Youth Empowerment & Generational Leadership
Public Relations 101 - Do's and Don'ts
Workforce Development in the Digital Age
Dating and Healing as a Successful Woman

View some of my speeches on the Home page or links to podcast on the News page. Thank you!


What folks have to say...

Not sure where to begin with your connection with me? Check out what others have to say…


Exactly 1 month ago (nearly to the date) we connected and you told me I’d have a new job in 30 days. 

I do. Thank you so so much for speaking life and encouragement into me. Deals not done, I still gotta sign my name on the line but I just had to tell you I’m so appreciative of that reading. I didn’t know I needed it.

Martie Burris

SLACK Executive

Featured Press

If my face looks familiar, you have probably seen me on one of many commercials in my “modeling” days or featured in a known press outlet. 

I am here to pour into you... Let's connect further.

The 411
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